On quite an ending

to quite a run.

Only Texas Tech could so drastically assert themselves, and then flush it all down the shitter so forcefully. The only way to absolutely, positively prove to the national media that we were fodder, that same media that was chomping at the bit to eat us for lunch, was to flub the Oklahoma game like pre-schoolers. So, that’s exactly what we did. Instead of blowing a riduculous game, which we used to do as a matter of habit, we blew the biggest game we’ve ever been in, in a bigger way than any Tech team has ever done, setting a school record for points allowed (in a year when we were supposed to finally have a defense, Ruffin) and displaying to all the world that all the talk about us was just that. Talk. I have always loved the idea that being a sports fan is to understand loss, and as a Tech Alum, I have been washed in it for a decade now. But it’s time to decide whether or not it’s OK to be washed, or to try and rise above, and we didn’t tonight. Best season ever or not, we had a chance to represent ourselves and our school tonight, and had we fought valiantly and lost, that would have held. But,we played “like Tech”, like the perrenial also-ran that we he have always belived ourselves to be, and we folded, as we seem to always find a way to do, like lawn chair on the big boys lawn.

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