On Division,

or, Why I’m grateful my Mother taught me to read before I could remember. I’ve slept on it, and I have to say that I AM surprised, I AM shocked. Not by continuous institutionalized racism, nor by the rage of the impoverished and the marginalized. I am surprised and shocked that when given a chance Continue Reading →

On Dad


Or, what I had to say when he left. This is the text of I read at my father’s funeral. I miss you Dad, and I love you. “”My Dad has been one of my best friends and my hero since I was a little kid. I was always, and still am, kind of a Continue Reading →

On Kids, both Karate and otherwise,


  or, How we taught Grace and Vivi to adore a good kick in the face. I have learned a lot recently about the things that children think, the things that children say, and the things that children believe. I am, by no means, a stranger to the younger versions of my fellow human beings. Continue Reading →

On Rockin’ and Rollin’, Classically,


Or, How I learned I might be spared from Classic Rock drudgery after all. For starters, let me just say that I DO, in fact, READ. I have noticed in the last couple of years that from time to time I feel woefully under-read in the important books, the classics, the pop-culturally significant tomes of Continue Reading →

On The Golden Rules, or lack thereof


or, How and Why my English teachers and professors are gonna kill me when they see the footnotes. So, the last few posts were about physically getting here, and that’s happened and it’s wonderful. I’ve been adjusting to being a step-father, and trying to adjust to being a writer again, and I gotta tell ya, Continue Reading →

On the Great Adventure, Final Day


or, Sipping red wine, Driving winding roads, and trying not to bit each others heads off. Well, I made it folks, as many of you already know (don’t tell the DMV, I haven’t gotten a new driver’s license yet) and it was quite an ordeal. So far the most regularly asked question I have answered Continue Reading →

On the Great Adventure, Day 4

or, How I learned to stop watching TV and love a dog. Day Four of The Great Adventure, I gotta tell ya, started off a little rough. Having spent the night on a couch who’s cushions insisted on running away from me during the night, I woke grumpy and slightly hung-over. This was in now Continue Reading →

On The Great Adventure, Day 2 and 3

or, Life is Who you make of it. So, Two days have past this far on The Great Adventure, and so far, I am still in Texas. I spent Tuesday with my father, who’s health is still failing. Dad , of course, will never let you know this. He can barely walk, he’s on oxygen Continue Reading →

On the Times, and how they are a changin’

or in some ways, stayin‘ the same. So, as many of you know (both of you who still read this, thanks Mom and Carla), I have started The Great Adventure. I am, after 10 years in Paradise, moving from Austin to San Francisco to at last be with Carla and her girls, and I am Continue Reading →

On a Memorial, Long overdue…


Or, just a good chili recipe. A long time ago, one of my very first bar regulars used to make me chili. It was de-frickin-licious, but he would never share the recipe with me. Wild Bill was a bit of a card, and what might be called a West Texas Renaissance Man. He played bass Continue Reading →

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