My own “Open Letter.”

Dear Fellow Upper-Middle Class American White Male winners of the Birth Lottery,
STOP Treating victims of Rape and sexual assault like criminals. STOP attempting to justify the horrific and illegal behavior of your sons and brothers and friends. STOP FUCKING RAPING AND ASSAULTING PEOPLE, while your at it. STOP assuming anyone who doesn’t look like you is morally bankrupt, out to get you, dangerous, deserving of vitriol, or stupid. STOP hanging nuts off the back of your truck. STOP calling anyone or anything “Un-American.” You know what’s fundamentally “Un-American”? Elitist ruling classes like us. That was the whole point, remember? STOP invoking your GOD every chance you get. STOP crossing the street for dumb reasons. STOP following young men around grocery stores for dumb reasons. STOP voting for morons. STOP talking to me about your guns, and the 2nd Amendment. STOP War mongering. STOP Wall Building, or even talking about it. STOP Profiling. STOP SHOOTING UNARMED YOUNG MEN WHO LOOK DIFFERENT THAN YOU, whether you’re a cop or a civilian. STOP telling women to “Smile”. STOP telling women what to do with their bodies. STOP telling them that what they’ve chosen to do with their bodies or their lives is the reason they make less money for doing the same (face it, more) work than you. STOP telling the same old white men’s stories. STOP complaining that The Human Torch is Black, or that the Ghostbusters are women, or that for one second you didn’t get exactly what you wanted. STOP telling people that they need to “get over” their emotional difficulties with pop-culture, with appropriation, with injustice. STOP pretending that you are worried about “sex offenders” in your bathroom. STOP pretending you haven’t thought about it, at least once. STOP calling non-white people refugees and terrorists, and white people Ex-Pats. STOP thinking of those that aren’t blessed with what you were blessed with as “weird.” STOP teaching younger versions of yourselves the same shit you were taught. STOP blindly following the ideas you were taught and question them once in a while. STOP having just one idea about ANYTHING. STOP refusing to call out other Upper-Middle Class American White Male Winners of the Birth Lottery for being assholes when they are being assholes. STOP saying you’re an Ally and ACT like one.
I’m talking to all of you, and to myself. I’ve done lots of this too, far too often (but never the truck nuts thing.) But I’m trying to be better, every day.
So seriously. Just STOP.

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