Well, the theme for posting today seems to be COLD. Sarah is freezing to death apparently. Kevin is pretty cold, but getting by. I think I am the only person who is glad that it is, at last, time to get the jackets out of the closet, pull on the gloves, and NOT SWEAT LIKE A DOG FOR A LITTLE WHILE! I am not a member of the Polar Bear club or anything, but I enjoy winter when I can stay warm. Bundling up by the fire, wearing sweaters all the time, buying a new pair of gloves. It’s great fun, people, get in the spirit. Just imagine how much X-mas would suck if it were warm. Santa would have a coronary in that red velvet suit with all that blubber. That’s WHY he’s fat. Brothers’ gotta stay toasty.

Plus, anyone who rode in my BLACK truck in 110 degree Austin summer with no AC this year has been waiting for cold just as longingly as I have.

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