ok, so here are the goings on……..

ONE. Marrilee managed to solve THE GREAT SQUARE mystery in about 2 seconds. We’re driving down the street on our way to lunch, and I say, “Hey, remember THE GREAT SQUARE post?” and she looks at me (as she often does) like I have quite simply lost what was left of my marbles. Then, as we reach the corner, near where the GREAT SQUARE sits, I point. She looks across the street, recognition and memory flash across her face, and suddenly, I am Jack’s extreme disappointment. Because, as Ed said (that was an unfortunate rhyme, but still), “And then, SHE RUINED EVERYTHING.”

“Its a drafting table.”

AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it when she is matter of fact. and right. To top it all off, she wants to buy the thing. And actually USE IT FOR SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE! Stanley Kubrick would not approve.

DOS. Halloween has come and gone. I was Satan again, this year in a rock-a-billy theme. Cowboy hat. Pearl snap shirt with flames and skulls on it. Pointed black boots (I wear them all the time actually. I am Jack’s redneck fashion sense). Fake tattoos. Wallet chain. Too much fun. Kevin was someone famous. Wilford Brimley. Juan Carlo Esposito. Rita Hayworth. Had a black t-shirt made with simply the words, “someone famous.” Wore all black and his geek-chic glasses. Five people got the joke, smiled, and nodded. Very Kevin.

TROIS. It’s NANOWRIMO ! My new favorite holiday. I’ve got about 500 words so far, a bit off my game. Oh well.

I am Jack’s buildup of momentum.

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