For several days, I had no idea what time or even what the date was. I knew it was Monday, that’s about it. Joe stole my watch. Really REALLY weird how addicted to technology I am. Say what you want about the world, or American society, or our generation or whatever. I NEED my watch. I don’t have a day job, I get up when I feel like it, I walk to my own beat. We all know about my issues with authority. Yet, I have the anal need to be on time for things, even things that don’t matter all that much. If I get to a film too late to see the previews, I won’t even pay to see it. How weird am I? Thankfully I got my watch back, but those three days were awful. Are there support groups for people like me? Crisis hotlines? Self-help courses, medication? I am so glad these posts are time-stamped…..

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