I did something tonight that I haven’t done in a long long time. I had enchiladas, I saw a film, I threw darts, I laughed. What counts is, I did it WITH someone. Not just any date, a first date.

I am a big fan of the first date. Since I rarely ask out anyone I don’t know, and I don’t go on blind dates, first dates with me are not all just getting to know you junk. They are getting to know MORE of you. After all, why would I want to have dinner with a stranger? What if she picked her teeth with her fork or something weird? So first dates for me are kind of a big deal. It means I am getting to spend some quality alone time with someone I really like, and I always hope that by the end of it, I’ll want to keep going. I dont get a lot of first dates, I seem to fall into relationships by accident. I end up dating someone I have been hanging out with, without any sense of formality. We just suddenly move to the next level. Those kinds of involvements are fine, but I like the old school approach better. I love first dates.

I do have rules, when it comes to dating, and in this instance, I am breaking one of those rules. Thankfully, so is she. Anyone who knows me knows I hate authority, and despise being told what to do. I make the rules, and I get to chose when to break them. However, there is one rule that dictates what one shouldn’t do on the first date that someone else made up long ago, and it’s a rule I always stick to. On first dates, you shouldn’t, and I didn’t.

But God I really wanted to.

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