OK, it’s TIME.

Time to offer what I think about all this, my two cents and then some. Nick said, “The World is being Fed-Exed to Hell on a Handcart” and he may be right. The great Aaron did a whole hour on it. Rolling Stone did an entire issue, as did countless others. I am angry and saddened. I am inspired by the heroism of others. I’d vote for Rudy Giuliani for anything he ran for. Ever. The guy should be made mayor for life (which would totaly violate the pinciples of democracy that he stands for) or should come down to Austin and run in our upcoming mayoral contest. I want to read the Quran again, because I don’t remember the part that permits these kinds of acts. I want to run away and hide from a world gone insane, from a world where people send pestilence and death in the mail, from a world where we have the nerve to use the phrase “smart bomb”. And even that horrible moniker pales in comparison to the greatest oxymoron ever concieved in the history of human endeavor.

Holy War.

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