For about a month now, on the corner of the street Kevin and I live on, someone is selling THE GREAT SQUARE. I have no idea what this great monstrosity is, and neither does anyone else who has seen it. I would estimate THE GREAT SQUARE at about 4 feet on each side, some version of off white, ocher? Bone? THE GREAT SQUARE sits on a pedastal of some sort, like a blank canvas on an easel. For all I know, thats what it is. However, the stand itself is somewhat elaborate, as though it has some sort of electronic function. I have concocted, in my head, all kinds of fantasies about what THE GREAT SQUARE might be. A portable projection screen? A large scale adjustable work table? There is no telling. THE GREAT SQUARE appears to be wrapped in plastic. To keep it out of the rain? Because it is brand new? There is a bright pink sign, “$100.00”, hand lettered on THE GREAT SQUARE in black magic marker. Every time I drive by it I expect to see astronauts in space suits slowly but purposefully working around it, trying to determine what it is, where THE GREAT SQUARE has come from.

Other times I am tempted to fashion my own GREAT SQUARE on a stand, and offer it up for “$75.00”. I mean, if there’s a market for these things…….

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